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Ways to support STFUandFish!

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I’m getting asked often enough now, it warrants a post. There’s several ways you can support STFUandFish. Both are located on the homepage in the right hand column.

“Buy me a coffee” is a single simple donation system via PayPal.
“LiberaPay” is a single or continuing donation system along the lines of Patreon, but without all the fluff.

Funds generated through these methods cover simple things like gas and (you guessed it) coffee. Any money generated this way goes to cover the ancillaries of creating the episodes and running the website.

Thanks for all your support!

Random Rambling

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What’s your plan for the weekend?

Mine is nothing special, but I do plan on heading out Saturday to fish somewhere, play with my new Kovea Spider to make a Coffee and lunch… 

Speaking of stoves, do you camp or cook outdoors while out and about? What’s your favorite way of generating cooking temps?

I’ve always been partial to alcohol stoves because well, other than below freezing temps, they just plain work. No fuss, no muss. One of my favorites is and will probably always be the Fancy Feast (Fancee Feest) stove. Simplicity in itself, you can build them or buy them.  For longer cooking, the Trangia systems are hard to beat! A bit bulky for daily carry, but car campers rejoice! It’s perfect.

I’ll plan on doing some stove write ups and/or videos soon too.

Have any ideas for articles? Want to create an article? Comment away!


Finally Coming Online

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So I decided to just throw the blog up and online. It won’t work/do anything until I actually use it!

I kept setting up themes and poking until it was “perfect”. It’ll never be perfect!

More posts soon!


Looking for:

  • Guest Posters/Bloggers
  • Trip Reports
  • Short stories (fishing/outdoors related)
  • Gear Reviews

Input welcomed!




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