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RTL-SDR/dump1090 build and install – Raspberry Pi (A Video Companion Article)


These notes are adapted from a combination of sources and are subject to change. If you find an error, please leave a comment here or on the video so I can adjust as needed.

LAST UPDATED 06/11/2022 16:31:40. Full credit to viewer Milan Karakas for finding the error!


The corresponding YouTube video is located here: RTL-SDR/dump1090 build and install – Raspberry Pi
I’ve also embedded it at the bottom of this article.


Setup the Raspberry Pi


As I mentioned above and in the video, a clean install just makes it easier and in the long run you have a purpose built system!


Install and update the Raspbian OS of your choice (as mentioned I start with the Raspberry Pi OS with Desktop


It’s worth noting that git is included with the version noted above, but ensure it’s updated! If for some reason you choose to use an existing RasPi you can install/verify the install by using:

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From the Bench… EP61a – 8266, 32 and other numbers – NOTES

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Here’s the Python code for the time-lapse mentioned in the episode. Make sure to check your paths! Ensure you’re pointing to your correct capture directory and that the directory exists (I saved this as Desktop/timelapse).:

import time

import picamera






def capture_frame(frame):

    with picamera.PiCamera() as cam:


        cam.capture('/home/pi/Desktop/timelapse/frame%03d.jpg' % frame)


# Capture the images

for frame in range(FRAMES):

    # Note the time before the capture

    start = time.time()


    # Wait for the next capture. Note that we take into

    # account the length of time it took to capture the

    # image when calculating the delay


        int(60 * 60 / FRAMES_PER_HOUR) - (time.time() - start)