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Site down!

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Thanks to the viewer/reader that let me know the site was down.

Not exactly sure what happened, and not sure it’s worth the forensic time 😂

It worked out ok, as I wanted to refresh the look of the site anyway. Give me a few days to select a new theme and start building it back up.

Honestly I wish I had more time to actually go through the website and spruce it up.

I’ll start back with entries for each YouTube video as well. Hopefully it’ll gain a little bit more activity here on the site. So far the most popular posts are relating to the electronics video where I shared code.

More soon!

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Ways to support STFUandFish!

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I’m getting asked often enough now, it warrants a post. There’s several ways you can support STFUandFish. Both are located on the homepage in the right hand column.

“Buy me a coffee” is a single simple donation system via PayPal.
“LiberaPay” is a single or continuing donation system along the lines of Patreon, but without all the fluff.

Funds generated through these methods cover simple things like gas and (you guessed it) coffee. Any money generated this way goes to cover the ancillaries of creating the episodes and running the website.

Thanks for all your support!