Since there’s a few continual readers, would you prefer a new blog post with each YouTube video? Currently, there is […]
A group of friends started a conversation about happy places. So the mission became we should each post a photo […]
Source: Yes, I said carp! – Moldy Chum
I’m getting asked often enough now, it warrants a post. There’s several ways you can support STFUandFish. Both are located […]
Listen how the steady breeze sounds like static hiss. And how man made sounds intrude into nature, in particular the […]
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I’ll be moving some of my audio up to SoundCloud as I get time. Eventually it will all go to […]
Just a simple track showing how much man made noise intrudes into nature. Focus on the wild sounds and listen.
Here’s the Python code for the time-lapse mentioned in the episode. Make sure to check your paths! Ensure you’re pointing […]

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