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Hammock Use and Camping Pt. II

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And we’re back for part II!

A few general rules:

  1. Don’t hang any higher than you are willing to fall!
  2. Always use an underquilt (unless it’s 100 degrees and dead calm with no winds). Convective heat loss will make you cold.
  3. Have fun! Even miserable experiences bring lasting memories.

Pads, underquilt or other wind blocks/warming aids will make the experience much more enjoyable.

Learning the correct knots will help stop a fall.

And now, more Shug:

Here’s a Shug playlist on knots and more:




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Hammock Use and Camping

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Funny thing this morning, I’d intended to make a post this week about beginning hammock camping (setup and other basic info) and another blog I read had done the exact same post today!

I debated on just skipping it for a few weeks, but what the hell…

I’ve enjoyed hammocks on and off for many years and find them to be a super way to just chill out though I’ve yet to find “the perfect hammock” that will allow me to get a full nights sleep undisturbed.

A great primer from Sean (Shug) Emery is below. If you’re new to hammocking or just looking for someone to watch and learn from as far as hammock camping, hiking and etc., Shug is definitely worth following on YouTube! Shug’s videos run to range of hiking and more. Including food (meals), alcohol stoves and more. I’m particularly fond of the videos he does with his buddy Kent (A.K.A. Hickory, they’ve been friends since childhood and it shows). Always good for a laugh – watch out for the Maple King!

In the future I’ll delve a bit more into hammocking as both an alternative to ground dwelling (tents) and a way to chill streamside during hotter summer days.




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